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Get Involved

Josh is full of great ideas and excited to get to the state senate and start making things happen. But there’s a lot to do between now and the first challenge: California State Primaries.

If you like what Josh stands for and want to help elect him, we would love you for you to be part of the team! We welcome any kind of help and are grateful for every contribution whether it’s writing a check (we love that!), volunteering in the campaign office (we have cookies!), adding your name to our list of endorsements, hosting an event, or telling your local network (in person or on social media) about Josh and what he wants to do for District 13.  Please fill out the form below and join Team Becker!


Add your name as a supporter of Josh!


Whether you have a few hours, a free day, or one day a week, you can help elect Josh to the California Senate. Contact us to get involved and join Team Becker!

Host an Event

Introduce Josh to your friends, neighbors, and colleagues by hosting an informal or formal event. This is a great way to generate support for Josh’s campaign. If you’ve never hosted before, don’t worry: we will share some tips from previous events to help! 

Stay Updated

Stay up-to-date on news, events, and other things you’ll want to know related to Josh’s campaign. 


Running a successful campaign requires resources. Your generous donation will help ensure that we have the funds needed to make Josh’s campaign effective. 

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